We will work diligently to provide the landowner with the greatest ROI for their land while achieving continual profitability and growth for Smoot Farms. This will be achieved through intensely and wisely managing our business. We strive to continually expand our knowledge base and make practical business decisions in the best interest of all parties involved.


With today’s farming practices, technology has become one of the most important tools to maximize the farmer’s and landowner’s return on investment and stewardship. While implementing the following practices we can reduce the amount of fuel being consumed, the amount of fertilizer and chemical being applied, and the operator’s fatigue all while increasing the productivity of the land. Our current practices include:




1. GPS Auto Steer

• Prevents overlap and skips
• Reduces fuel usage and fatigue

2. Onboard Equipment Monitors and Computers

• Allows Variable rate planting and fertilizer placement
• Combine settings can be changed during operation


3. Yield Mapping

• Determines high yielding and problem areas of a field

4. Soil Sampling

• Determines recommended fertilizer applications



Smoot Farms takes pride in the ability to farm such diverse soil types. We have taken great strides in matching the proper tillage program to the proper farm. Appropriate equipment purchases have allowed us to practice conventional tillage, minimal tillage, and no-till farming practices. Thorough research and ongoing education of tillage, farm drainage, and environmental issues helps us to make the best management decisions to help ensure that our farms will be fertile, high yielding, and erode less so future generations will have the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful farming life.


Conservation and stewardship is always a top priority for Smoot Farms. Over the past few years we have invested heavily towards these practices. While working alongside our current landowner clients we have converted over twenty acres of tillable farmland to CRP field borders and filter strips on multiple fields. We are a firm believer in field tile. We as farmers must do all that we can to allow the soil to produce the maximum yield that it is capable of. To guarantee that this is possible Smoot Farms and Terra Plana Family Farms together have invested in a farm tiling machine. We started out improving the low lying land and are now installing complete pattern tiled systems to our farms. We work closely with Prairieland Farm Drainage, a leading drainage contractor in East Central Illinois, on tiling projects for our farms and our neighbor’s farms.